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About Arinze Ekwosimba

I am studying Electronics Engineering with Wireless Communication (MEng) at the University of Southampton. I chose Southampton mainly because of its top ranking in my course and its international outlook. However, after arriving here, the amount of green space was quite amazing thus making the city a very nice place to live in. Of course, there are many other remarkable features of Soton as we call it. I would be in my second year of study in the 2011/2012 academic session.

How time flies

It almost seems like yesterday that I walked into the International Office at the George Thomas Building to commence my internship which has seen me spend the past three months working in an office environment, having so many meetings and … Continue reading

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Bumpy ride

As my internship gradually approaches its end, you would expect that things would get less busy.  (Un)fortunately, this was not the case last week as it saw me devoting more time to one of my major projects this summer – … Continue reading

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One of the benefits of working at the International Office is that I am entitled to a period of holiday which could be taken any time during my internship.   It was therefore not out of place that I decided to … Continue reading

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New Arrival

One of the interesting angles of working in an office environment is that you find here a great mix of people at different stages of their lives.  Few weeks back, there was a “send forth” event in the office for … Continue reading

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What really do I do?

This is the fourth week of my internship and as you would imagine, things no longer seem as odd or strange as they were when I resumed as I have gotten much more familiar with the people and the office … Continue reading

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And so the journey begins…

It was July 4, 2011 and the first working day of the week.  I can vividly remember walking into Building 37 as it is named and finding my way to the third floor where the International Office is located.  Time … Continue reading

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