Right now, most of the UK is dealing with the melancholy left after the end of Olympics Games. Hopefully, in a week’s time when the Paralympic Games begin the vacuum will cease to exist and we will all be back to our cheering and optimistic states.

Till then, let me tell you about the Olympic Sailing – Elliott 6m Match Racing, I went to watch at Weymouth. The weather was glorious – genuinely – no sarcasm intended. The sun was shining, the wind was strong, the volunteers were chirpy and everything was brightly pink. Initially, the commentators were chatting with the audience and telling us about the rules at the particular event as most people were unaware of them – memorably a couple who had bought the tickets by mistake : they wanted to watch Table Tennis, but had hit the wrong button :/

We watched the bronze medal competition between Russia and Finland. It was quite exciting to watch actually – the crowds enthusiastically supported both teams. In the end Finland won with the score 3-1. However, it wasn’t without controversy – the Russian team had raised a protest flag and after the race both team skippers had to go to the umpire boat for an half an hour discussion while the audience waited.

The fight for the Gold medal between Spain and Australia was highly dramatic as well. The wind got a lot stronger and as the Australian team member Price put it – “The conditions were quite wild.” During the race at a point of time, when both teams were neck to neck, Australia’s Price got swept off the boat by the huge waves. But the Australians did not give up. The scores were tied at the end of the 4th round, 2-2. At the last one, Spain won by a big margin of a minute and a second.

At the end of both the competitions, there was a special show put up by the Navy as it was the last day of the Olympic Games at Weymouth. And as the commentator pointed out – it was also probably the last Olympic match most of us would watch live in our lives in the UK.

Spain winning !

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