So it begins……

Hello! Since this is my first post officially – let me introduce myself before you guys think – who is this person and why should I spend my precious time reading her blog?

Good Question by the way. My name is Ananya (confusing to most people – yes there is ‘a’ ‘n’ right after the ‘a’ ‘n’) – mostly it gets jumbled up to become Anarnia or butchered and renamed to any of the following – Ana, Ann, Anne, Anya…well the permutations and combinations can go on forever so I’d rather stop. I am an Indian National and studying Computer Science (not too surprising, is it?) at Electronics and Computer Science at University of Southampton.

I have landed an internship at the International office for the summer (during recession – so there are jobs available – it is not that bad!). My bosses thought it would be good to have an International student giving his/her view of the life in the UK and this gives me the chance to ramble about the details of my apparently exciting life and let you know what I do, outside my summer job (though it hardly seems this summer – it is like The Game of Thrones paid the British Weather to advertise for them – ‘The Winter is coming’).

Before beginning my much overdue blog let me add a disclaimer because I am feeling particularly ambitious – All characters appearing in these blogs are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real/fictional persons, living or dead is purely intentional.

Well, currently in the UK, people have the Olympic fever (other than the regular flu, of course). It all started on a rainy day Southampton, with the Olympic torch relay. A lot of people happily braved the rain to cheer the Runners and were rewarded with free balloons, some green quirky freebee and a very entertaining street performer. He stood in the middle of road, and pretended that he was stopping all the police vans with his superpower – you should have seen the faces on those officers- if looks could burn, the man would have probably landed on the massively luminous sphere of plasma bound by gravity at the centre of the Solar System.

After 2 weeks, we had the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games – and what a start! The Queen with Mr Bond , who would have possibly imagined? Then Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) playing one note, getting bored and dreaming about Chariots of Fire was just hilariously hilarious. These are just the mains highlights; the other bits were spectacular as well. Which segment did you enjoy the most, do let me know.

As for the Olympic Games, I have been lucky enough to get tickets to Sailing. So I will blog next week to tell you how amazing and exciting it actually is. Till then, watch the games – root for your country and watch the video of the Happiest Olympic Worker – she is pure genius!

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