Bumpy ride

As my internship gradually approaches its end, you would expect that things would get less busy.  (Un)fortunately, this was not the case last week as it saw me devoting more time to one of my major projects this summer – the Links Register.  Coincidentally, this project brought back memories of my design lab last semester – the Toon Generator ( or T1) – which is probably why I found it quite interesting and challenging. 

The thing about design labs unlike others is that you are not given a set of lab instructions to follow so as to arrive at a pre-determined result.  Rather, you are given a set of modules or components, told what to build, given a deadline and then asked to come up with a design and build the device.   The T1 lab had us design and build a toon (or tune) generator which could play different notes depending on the user’s choice.  This we built from different components such as microcontrollers, loud speaker, resistors, PLDs, capacitors and a transistor among others.

Now, I am in no way saying I built an electronic device for the International Office.  The similarity between the T1 and Links Register mainly lay in the fact that both involved elements of design as the Links Register had me designing a new database based on the requirements of Jo, the Deputy Director who is also in charge of the Links Register.

But it’s not only been about the Links Register, as the new term approaches, the International Office is getting set to receive the new international students even as campus is already getting busier.  For three days this week we will be carrying out the Meet & Greet Service at Heathrow Airport and this will see many International Officers helping out, though the Admin Team Manager Vicki and summer intern Anton’s help are going to be running this.

As campus gets busier, with the freshers arriving, it also means some of my mates are returning too and getting set for the next academic year which is just few days away.  Oh yes, the days of coursework, deadlines and lectures are around the corner again. But for now, we don’t want to think so much about that as we rather make the most of the remaining days of the holiday.  This saw us play a game of football at the Indoor Sports hall over the weekend, then off to the Mitre pub on Portswood to watch the premier league game between Manchester United and Chelsea.  It was a shame though that my team lost but the game was a good one.

And by the way, one of the International Officers, Zoe, sent some pictures of her new baby, while we had a new member joining the International Office team – Debbie.  This means that during my internship, I have witnessed the arrival of two new members of the team – Debbie and Frances, who joined much earlier.  Thus far, it seems both have been having a good time working in the office.   It was also Andrew’s birthday and he got loads of good wishes from us. Andrew is one of the Regional Regional Managers in the office which is maybe why he brought sweets instead of the traditional birthday cake.  Frances, Jon, Jo F., Rami and Marcela also returned from their holidays which of course meant the gift shelves were filled with items.

The remaining two weeks of my internship would see me completing the Links Register, compiling some additional reports, assist with the International/EU welcome programme and undertake one more project under Ines.  Seems like it might just be a bumpy ride…

Links GUI


About Arinze Ekwosimba

I am studying Electronics Engineering with Wireless Communication (MEng) at the University of Southampton. I chose Southampton mainly because of its top ranking in my course and its international outlook. However, after arriving here, the amount of green space was quite amazing thus making the city a very nice place to live in. Of course, there are many other remarkable features of Soton as we call it. I would be in my second year of study in the 2011/2012 academic session.
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5 Responses to Bumpy ride

  1. Giang says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work. Hopefully there’s at least one last blog before you leave us. Thanks a lot for your work on the Link Register. I am really glad to see that you have added a drop down box for “Academic Units”. Used to spend loads of time trying to figure out which school has partnershps in what country.

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  3. source says:

    Is it okay to place part of this in my personal webpage if perhaps I submit a reference to this web-site?

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