What really do I do?

This is the fourth week of my internship and as you would imagine, things no longer seem as odd or strange as they were when I resumed as I have gotten much more familiar with the people and the office environment.  There has also been an addition to the team while many International Officers have returned from their trips which means I have been meeting at least one or two new faces every week.

Interestingly, because I am “hotdesking”, it means I do not have a permanent desk but have to move around the office using different systems as they become available.  The availability of a desk depends on whether an officer is away maybe on holiday or an official trip.  However, owing to the nature of the International Office (IO), there are always available desks.

I am sure by now you are wondering what exactly is an Electronic Engineering student doing at the IO?  Well, no need to get alarmed, and no, I am not building any electronic circuits for them here (oh how I wish) or developing a new cutting edge device they can use to recruit more international students for the university, unfortunately. So, what do I do?

Ines, my Line Manager who by the way prefers I call her by name (remember my question to her in the previous blog?), in addition to other responsibilities is in charge of Web and Marketing at the IO and therefore (and logically), I assist with the design and editorial content of the IO website. This I do using a web content management software called TeamSite which I had to be trained on.  My duties also entail working on the Social Networking Campaign of the IO which means I monitor and administer the Facebook Page, twitter account and YouTube channel of the IO.

I also work with the Deputy Director of the IO on something called the International Links Register which involves me managing a special database and ensuring the right information is available to concerned parties.  This involves some interesting challenges as there are some innovations we are working on implementing this summer.  But it is not only about just working on these projects as I have to produce periodic reports on specific issues as well such as web analysis of traffic on our website and competitive analysis reports for the web and social networking.  Some of these of course veer into marketing.

But it is not all about work. Last week, all staff of the IO went on a fun day trip away from the office and guess where to? We went to the GoApe venue atMoorsValleywhere we engaged in different tree-top adventures aimed at encouraging team building. It was interesting and at times hilarious seeing the various ways we tackled the different challenges encountered.  After the adventure we went over to a colleague’s house for barbeque, drinks and football!  We blokes got Andrew’s kids teaching us how to play real football and sweating it out. Indeed, it was a fun day!

Since I work Mondays to Fridays, I have the weekends off which means I can hang out with friends.  Some of my mates are doing internships as well and so also around.  Some others are Masters/PhD students so working on their dissertations/research. Among us we have quite a number still here in town and so we never run out of what to do.  Activities range from barbeques and meals at any of our homes or going to the cinema, pub or club.  We try to ensure that even though majority of the students are away,Southamptonremains fun for us!


About Arinze Ekwosimba

I am studying Electronics Engineering with Wireless Communication (MEng) at the University of Southampton. I chose Southampton mainly because of its top ranking in my course and its international outlook. However, after arriving here, the amount of green space was quite amazing thus making the city a very nice place to live in. Of course, there are many other remarkable features of Soton as we call it. I would be in my second year of study in the 2011/2012 academic session.
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